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Testimonials for Review Courses

Picasso said, “You must learn all the rules like a pro; so that you can break them all as an artist.” HB Kim is the brilliant embodiment of this maxim. He combines his extraordinary breadth of knowledge and deep understanding of the multilayered complexities of East Asian herbalism and acupuncture with the essential “practical application” of unbeatable test-taking strategies and almost eerily accurate awareness of the Board Exams’ key focus topics within each subject category. To briefly note just one of HB’s extraordinarily gifted teaching skills: He is an absolute master of mnemonics … for every mode of perception, cognition, and individual learning style. His review courses are “marbled” with these vividly memorable learning tools, including hysterical verbal mnemonics; stunning visual mnemonics; simple stick-figure sketch packed with key meridian info mnemonics; famous-movie-scene-as-formula-functions mnemonics; Michael Jordan’s jersey # as point-location mnemonics; “2 guys walk into a bar ….” as disease pathology mnemonics; etc, etc, etc. The list is endless — and will be endlessly appreciated — when you anxiously sit for a Board Exam and discover that correct answer after answer jumps clearly to your mind …. due to the indelible associations created by HB’s unique ability to creatively imprint complex information for effortless recall. Thank you, Dr. Kim. – JA L.

I want to thank you for your review courses. I passed all four boards in three months because of your exceptionally good teaching. You have such a deep understanding and master of this knowledge that your teaching is alive. You make connections between subjects and life experiences that I could relate to. You use drawings and pictures that help me understanding instead of memorizing. I did not need to memorize nor use any flashcards to study. I learned so much more from your review course than any of my school years! Saying thank you is not enough to convey my sincere gratitude. You are a true master of medicine and having great passion and generosity to share. I am so happy that I have found you and could learn from you. You made my path of healing so much easier. Thank you so much! – Jimei H.

First I wanted to say how grateful I am for such a detailed and informative course. HB Kim, you are exquisite and I aspire to be an amazing teacher and healer like you. Thank you so much! – Madalen B.

I purchased all the major board preparation online tools, but after taking the board exams I found that HB Kim’s was the only one I needed. His lectures are presented in a way that the information makes sense and sticks in your head, and his books and slide presentations are well-formatted for study and easy memorization.  The questions he uses as teaching and study tools are very similar to the style of the boards, and if HB Kim says it, you will probably need it for the boards.  I found the learning of years of school and classes finally came together while watching his lectures, and I actually finally understood quite a bit about TCM and theory that had been baffling.  I’m not sure how people pass the boards without studying KB Kim’s work; I highly recommend it. – Jason U.

Thank you for your courses and support. I just passed the Acupuncture Board Exam. You covered everything in your videos! The NCCAOM exams are really testing the deep fundamental knowledge, which you did so well covering through your videos. I kept going over and over your videos for the last 2 days and it was like an anxiety medication. Thank you for your dedication to this field and everything you have done for us. – Sophia B.

I can’t say enough good things about H.B. Kim’s review courses. They are exceptionally well organized, interesting, and present a wealth of knowledge which was invaluable for me in passing the board exams on my first attempt. I found these classes not only informative but very enjoyable. H.B. teaches in a manner that allows participants both fully understand as well as engage with the knowledge and concepts TCM, making the information presented both easy to remember and difficult to forget. In addition to the benefit of passing the board exams, these classes are full of information that I found completely essential for the clinical understanding and practice of TCM. Because of them, I am a much better practitioner and steward of this knowledge. If you are interested in both passing your exams, as well as becoming a great practitioner, these classes are a must! Thank you, H.B. Kim! – James K.

I just wanted to write and say that I passed my final board exam and I am so grateful to have had your lecture to guide me through the process.  I honestly don’t think that I could’ve completed all four in the brief time frame without your video lectures and book. I highly recommend you to all of the students still in school.  Thank you so much! – Lindsay H.

Because of HB Kim, I have passed all 4 National boards (the first time) before graduating this Friday. And I just passed my 3rd year final with A’s (and rewatched a few videos). I have the other Review videos as well and I much prefer HB Kim because he explains and gives tips on HOW to memorize rather than just reading through the materials. If I wasn’t in the mood to study, I would start watching an HB Kim video, and I kid you not, within a few minutes it would be so interesting that I couldn’t stop watching another and another. I will never forget some of the explanations and clever tips and I will be buying and studying the top 50 most popular formulas for practice as I love herbs. We all wish you had Biomed videos! Thank you, once again, forever grateful! – Ronel C.

Dr. Kim, I PASSED all of my tests by using only your lectures and book!!!! I can’t begin to tell you how much your information and support helped me with each of the exams. Seeing as I may have a touch of ADD your friendly manner and bits of humor even kept me focused and interested. I actually looked forward to the lectures and got some Dr. Kim snippets of clinical information to boot!!! MANY MANY THANKS! Heading to the beach tomorrow for some much-needed FUN!!! – Audrey E.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your lecture via the video. I am a 3rd-year acupuncture student and your lecture is clarifying so so many things for me. I am understanding Chinese medicine much better now. I have wanted to master this medicine to help others, but often get frustrated with the schooling I am getting, my instructor tells me “memorize this, memorize that…does not matter that you don’t understand now, you will understand later.” But the clarity never comes. With your lecture the clarity, the understanding is coming!!! The way you teach it makes SENSE! I am so happy that I purchased your videos, thank you for making this available. You are changing my life for the better. – Dean C.

I knew about the Handbook and Minibook even before I officially started my education of Chinese medicine, how it’s a must-have for every student. After nearly three years of school, I must agree, having the Handbook is like carrying three books in front of you, the CAM, Giovanni, the Deadman, and more, all in one, full of information presented in tables and charts packed with meticulous details. Now imagine all that information can be conveyed to you in a personal classroom setting, where H.B. himself ‘explains’ the ins and outs of each topic. The webinars never feel rush as H.B. takes time to address each attendee’s questions, and he always emphasizes important concepts with images, graphs, and live drawing to really enhance the learning experience. I still awe how he seemingly effortlessly cross-references a subject with herb and combines with acupuncture points or prescription, this really enables you to fully understand and appreciate the importance of each idea. He also shares his real-life clinical cases that just make you appreciate the medicine that much more. Personally, I feel these webinars helped me to connect the dots where I knew there was something missing but wasn’t exactly sure where this is the place where I get to fill in the missing information that I could never quite get a satisfactory answer from my professors in school. If you’re a student, you know you have been there. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart that these webinars are a ‘must-watch’ for anyone who’s in serious pursuit of this beautiful ancient medicine, yet abundantly practical in today’s society. Thank you H.B for making these spectacular videos to help all of us learn, and to heal. – Tom C.

Master Kim, I passed my last board exam today and I wanted to thank you for the greatest review course on the planet. Without your videos and books, I very much doubt I would have made it. So, many thanks and many blessings to you. – Mariana B.

I recently purchased your book and also your full webinar package for NCCAOM board prep, and I want to tell you that these are enormously helpful for my studies. Up until now, I’ve been trying to do everything on my own, memorizing and making flashcards from source texts, and the book helps me study way more efficiently. The videos are a great companion to the book, pulling everything together and giving more life to what I have already learned. I feel for the first time that I’ll actually be able to remember all of this material! It is easier (and more fun) to learn this way. Thank you! – Catherine H.

I just wanted to thank you for providing such great and well-organized material. I just finished and passed all of my NCCAOM exams and would not have been as confident and successful without your Handbook and review videos. – Joshua H.

I was a bit nervous to take my national exams since it has been a while since I graduated from acupuncture school. I didn’t even know where to start with my studies. I attended the Acupuncture Media Live Review classes, which really helped me to get focused on key study areas. The classes were fun, and I enjoyed the live format because the interaction between teacher and students helped me stay focused and alert. I felt like I absorbed so much material during those three-hour blocks of time, and yet I never felt overwhelmed by information overload. HB’s memorization tips are invaluable. I am so glad I attended the webinars — I passed all of my exams on the first attempt! – Alyssa W.

I just passed my Biomedicine exam. I wanted to comment on how much I appreciated Dr. Kim’s teaching style. It was very thorough and geared perfectly with how I learn and think. Dr. Kim strives to make sure that the student actually knows the material instead of just how to pass a test. Thank you for providing this service. I am forever grateful. – Joshua J.

​I just wanted to express my thanks and gratitude to you for the fantastic lectures, videos, and material you provide to help us learn oriental medicine. I studied long and hard for the tests but know, without a doubt, it was your instruction that made the defining difference in my passing those exams. In all fairness I’ll say, my study skills are very good, I’m very disciplined and put a lot of effort into “understanding” the material I study. I do not take these tests lightly and spend months preparing for each one. But even with my diligence I still feel your instruction, tips, and pointers made all the difference in passing the exams the first time around. By the way, when someone asks for advice on how/what to study for board exams my answer is always “HB Kim EVERYTHING!!” – Diane H.

I am loving your classes! You are freaking TOTALLY the MAN! – Carrie T.

Acupuncture Media Review classes are excellent. They are comprehensive in all matters of TCM and they have helped me fill in the gaps in my own education. The instruction has inspired me to see the bigger in regards to the differences in the various TCM modalities. HB Kim is an excellent teacher who teaches in a uniquely inspiring way with lots of good pictures and examples. HB Kim’s scholarship and mastery of TCM makes learning from him interesting and fun. – Ute A.

I have learned and relearned a lot of important information (and I still have so much to learn and put into practice). I can’t wait to start practicing and using your continuing education programs! Thank you for all your hard work and time spent keeping your materials current for TCM students! I appreciate all you have done and continue to do very much. – Kristin H.

I would like to thank you for your tireless work on your review courses (and the continued updates)!!! They help me tremendously to gain a better understanding of this medicine. When you tell the origin and stories of the medicine and language it is very helpful for me to assimilate the information easier as it is foreign to me. I just passed my 1st board exam (acupuncture and point location) and can easily say your course had a positive influence on that outcome. I just wanted to take a moment to let you know your hard work does not go unnoticed. – Candi C.

Dear Dr. Kim, I would like to say thank you so much for your great lectures!!! I was able to pass the Herb Exam yesterday thanks to your lectures and guides for the NCCAOM exam!! You provide amazingly great lectures not only for exams but also for clinical experience. As an OM practitioner, I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, lectures, and lessons. – Victoria H.

Dr. Kim’s videos were my lifeline in passing all three National Board Exams – the FIRST time! I used Dr. Kim’s preview courses for Foundation, Acupuncture, and Biomed. I am a Five Element student, so I had to learn TCM from the ground up in order to pass the Boards. I watched all of Dr. Kim’s videos three times for each course, printing out his handouts and taking copious notes throughout. It took much focus, time, and energy, and I owe my success to Acupuncture Media’s review courses. Dr. Kim covers all the categories you need to learn and understand to pass the exams. They are very organized and well thought out. I not only passed all three tests, but I feel like I learned way more than I needed for the tests. I feel very prepared for my life as a Practitioner. Thank you, Dr. Kim! – Amy H.

Thank you for your never-ending help when I needed it. You are a true asset to this profession and it is obvious that you want students to succeed. You answered my questions without complaint and sometimes I would get an email from you past midnight. You must be a night owl. In any case, I am very grateful. – Janis H.

For me, learning is a joy in itself. However, studying for board exams can be a scary, arduous, and isolating process at times. Having to seclude yourself from friends and normal activities in order to stay focused, I found HB Kim’s board prep videos to be akin to a close friend during those lonely study times. His soothing voice, clear communication, and gentle manner made studying not only do-able but enjoyable! The information he conveys is extremely relevant and broken down in a way that is digestible and interesting. Aside from his book, videos, and webinars (which I also enjoy), Acupuncture Media provides stellar service! I’m not sure I would have passed all my exams the first time without HB Kim’s humble guidance. I am forever grateful. – Tia H.

I passed the herb exam! Thanks, Dr. Kim. Your lecture helped me the most. Your voice was playing in my head each time I looked at a new question. I kept asking myself “What did Dr. Kim say about this formula?” I finished the test with 30 minutes remaining! I couldn’t believe it! I really enjoyed your lectures. You are the King of this field! Thanks Again. – Amal K.

I just wanted to thank HB Kim for his amazing courses. I enjoy listening to his voice, his wisdom just blows me away. He makes learning fun and pleasurable. I passed my NCCAOM foundations and points courses and watched many of his videos for Biomed. I learned a lot, and it actually fueled my interest in the subject matter, for which I’m grateful. I was told by several sources that I would not have enough time to pass Biomed but I do believe that with the help of HB, I was able to pass on my first try, with a very limited Biomed background. Please let him know. His kindness and wholeheartedness come through in his lectures, and I look forward to our paths crossing again down the line. By year’s end, I will be a licensed acupuncturist and I’m so grateful that in this process, I came across this wise, sweet, and lovable human. Thank you, HB! – Abbie H.

HB Kim is a phenomenal instructor, full of knowledge, and easy to learn from. I love his delivery methods. – Oksana P.

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