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To reach a distinctive skill level as a practitioner, many aspects of acupuncture must be understood. Point Indication and Channel Dynamics are the two key components of an Acupuncture Point prescription. Point indications are a necessity, but understanding channel dynamics is the key to achieving greater efficacy in treatment. HB Kim will teach the practical application of channel dynamics of three Circuits, needling orders, pain control with Fire and Water points, I Ching hexagram matching with meridians, Five Element and Six Energy concepts, and comparison pulse techniques used in Korean Meridian Acupuncture. HB Kim's Herbology and Biomed courses will further enhance your understanding of Integrative and Holistic medicine. With its valuable content, clear organization, and thorough handling of the various subjects, HB Kim will provide you with immediate applications of therapeutic pearls and your clinical success.

60 CEU/PDA points are required in a four-year NCCAOM recertification cycle. We have 300 NCCAOM-approved CEU/PDA credits available including AOM-ABT-BIO Core competency courses and required Safety (SA) and Ethics (ET) courses.

Lapsed NCCAOM certification may require up to 300 CEU/PDA points to recertify depending on the duration of the year lapsed. Please contact NCCAOM to see your required CEU/PDA points to renew your certification.

60 NCCAOM CEU - Combo

$300 ($5 per CEU)

300 NCCAOM CEU - Combo

$900 ($3 per CEU)

Full Clinical + Full Review

$999 (Full Clinical + Full Review)

Acupuncture - Package

$520 ($5 per CEU)

Herbology - Package

$555 ($5 per CEU)

Biomedicine - Package

$240 ($5 per CEU)

Course Description Samples

Korean Meridian Acupuncture (10 Hours): ​To reach a distinctive skill level as a practitioner, many aspects of acupuncture must be understood. Point indications are a necessity, but understanding channel dynamics is the key to achieving greater efficacy in treatment. H.B. Kim will teach the practical application of channel dynamics of three Circuits (Earth, Heaven, Human) and needling in&out orders used in Korean Meridian Acupuncture. Practitioners will be able to use 24 Gate openings and Meridian connecting techniques.

Korean Yin-Yang Balancing Acupuncture (10 Hours): ​Pain control is THE reason many people want acupuncture. But how do you choose a superior method based on proven clinical results and not vague theory, which may or may not work? The Yin‐Yang Balancing treatment taught in this course is the answer. It excels in pain control. The Yin‐Yang Balancing Acupuncture technique (called Pyung‐Chim in Korean) is very effective for controlling pain due to channel or organ disorders. By using Fire and Water points of each channel, it balances Yin/Yang and the left and right sides of the body. There are six systems to treat each channel. By using a few key points and the tonification/sedation technique, this course enables you to excel in pain control.

Korean Four Needle Acupuncture (10 Hours): A patient comes into your clinic with systemic problems or mental disorders. What do you do? With so many modalities to choose from, how do you choose an effective one? This course will help. The Four Needle Technique has a 600+ year history of successfully treating systemic problems and mental disorders. The Four Needle Technique is called SaAm‐Chim in Korean and was developed by a Korean Monk. A tremendous benefit of this course is that it will provide an understanding of The Four Needle technique from two aspects: the Five Element aspect, AND the Six Energy aspect. Also, Five Element Harmonizing Acupuncture (called Hwa‐Chim) pulse technique and treatment is one branch of SaAm Acupuncture which this course explains.​

Point Indications & Dui-Xue (10 Hours): ​Point Indication and Channel Dynamics are the two key components of an Acupuncture Point prescription. Clearly understanding Point Indication will enhance the efficacy in treatment. When combined with proper application, the practitioner utilizes Channel Dynamics. This lecture focuses on the Point Indication and Dui‐Xue (Point Pairs) for academical and clinical application of point selection. H.B. Kim clarifies the difference between the single points and explains the principle of point combinations. The audience will develop more confidence in their ability to interpret and impose the proper point selection after taking this course.

100 Important Dui-Yao​ (5 Hours): ​If a single herb is an instrument and the herbal formula is an orchestra, Dui‐Yao (Herb Pairs) is like a Duet. With a solid understanding of Dui‐Yao, both single herbs and herbal formulas can be apprehended more clearly. H.B. Kim explains and clarifies 100 important Dui‐Yao in a unique way in his fast‐paced lecture. The audience can grasp the essentials of each herb pair and will be able to apply the information in composing and interpreting herbal formulas in a much more definite way.

​Essential 50 Formulas for Clinic (6 Hours): ​Choosing the correct herbal formula may mean the difference between a treatment’s success or failure. This class will provide the essential 50 herbal formulas for most clinical applications. HOWEVER the list of important formulas could be depend on the type of practice. This course will help you to modify your selections from this list to best apply to your type of practice. This course will give a solid understanding of a basic repertoire of formulas and their clinical applications. Important: this course includes actual case examples which are used to match tongue diagnosis with formula prescriptions.

Testimonials for Clinical Courses

Acupuncture media has opened a new resource for me in my integrated Western and Eastern multi-disciplinary practice. With its valuable content, clear organization, and thorough handling of the various subjects, Dr. H.B. Kim’s website has a nice, immediate application of therapeutic pearls for work with our patients. My high-volume caseload and varied diagnostic challenges require a convenient and quality source of useful information. Dr. Kim’s presentation is clinically precise. It has been easy to incorporate his lessons into my already-demanding schedule. I have been able to advance in my knowledge without interrupting the crucial care that continuing education supports. In my 30-years of experience, I recommend H.B. Kim’s site as a great resource for both seasoned clinicians and a prodigious learning tool for new acupuncturists. – Robert N. Darnell, L.Ac., D.C., Ph.D.


I have been diagnosed with stage three rectal cancer and completed my third chemotherapy. This session resulted in trigeminal nerve poisoning and nerve damage which caused pain so intense that no amount of painkillers helped. I write this testimony for anyone who has not experienced nerve pain. It’s truly the most excruciating sensation I have ever experienced in my life. I was waiting for the morning to come so I could go to the dentist and pull about three to four of my lower teeth out and the jawbone was so excruciating that I felt like they probably had to take out my jaw bone because I couldn’t take the pain. Dr. HB Kim prescribed acupuncture points and within 20 minutes the agony started to subside. The treatment allowed me to fall asleep and I felt fine for about 10 hours. When the pain came back again, I performed his point prescription on myself and the ache never came back. I think it’s so important for this medicine to reach mass consciousness so that we are able to heal ourselves. I am so grateful for Dr. HB Kim. Without him I probably wouldn’t be here today because I couldn’t take the pain and stay in my body. Dr. HB Kim’s point prescriptions are the best treatments I have ever experienced in my 20 years of practicing acupuncture on others. Now, diagnosed with cancer, I’ve been waiting to find someone with his level of expertise in Acupuncture. I believe Dr. HB Kim is one of the greatest doctors of our time. This is what I know after experiencing 20 years of his treatments. The truth is no testimony can capture Dr. HB Kim’s greatness. – Yasmin H. L.Ac.


HB’s clinical courses directly teach practical clinical applications that really work. I have already achieved phenomenal results with patients using the Four-Needle Technique, and I am now integrating Yin-Yang Balancing into my practice as well. These methods are not part of the standard TCM curriculum, and it is so great to have an additional approach in my repertoire of clinical skills. All of HB’s lectures are clear and concise, yet intertwined with philosophical underpinnings that make our field so fascinating. His charts and diagrams make learning quick and easy. These courses will pay for themselves when your patients get results and call for another appointment. – Chanta V. L.Ac.


Hi HB! I am back from VN. Thank you very much for all of your teaching and sharing. I was able to help a good number of poor VN people feel less or no more pain thanks to your help. The Yin Yang Balancing (YYB) method really worked very fast for acute and even somewhat chronic cases; for mixed acute and chronic cases, I used YYB on the acute side, one of the four 8 Extra combos on the other side. There were so many patients and not much time! Each time a treated patient stood up with the help of a young volunteer asking how she or he felt and left with a happier face, I too felt really happy inside. Overall, I practiced VN therapeutic massage followed by Korean Meridian acupuncture, and almost 100% of cases got better from 50%+ to 100%! At the end of the trip, the Western doctors from the “Vets With A Mission” group with whom I worked this charity health mission told me how very surprised, amazed, and appreciative they were of our Eastern modalities. Please wish me continued discipline and clarity of mind! Thank you very much again for everything, HB. – Xuan An, L.Ac.


It was fascinating and I learned a lot from the course. The instructor demonstrated supreme knowledge of the course subject. HB Kim is brilliant and I always enjoy his courses. The instructor utilized very appropriate teaching methods. HB Kim always gives real-life examples of the subject matter, answers any questions from his students, and will reiterate a topic as many times as needed so everyone understands. I have been applying what I learned through HB Kim’s courses almost immediately. He encourages his students to slowly and methodically apply the principles from his courses into their own practices. It has been very rewarding. I would highly recommend these courses to other licensed acupuncturists. HB Kim has introduced me to the Korean Acupuncture methodology and I feel other licensed acupuncturists can benefit from it. HB Kim’s review courses for the NCCAOM board exams were key for me in passing. His tips, informative narrative, and style proved to be invaluable. I feel the same way about his clinical courses. – David G. Lic.Ac., Dipl.OM.


I recently finished your clinical course. I have been working on it for a year. Each section I went through three times, to solidify the knowledge you were sharing. It was very challenging, but I want you to know it has transformed my practice. Your gift to teach gave me so much confidence. I appreciate what you have done here. Watching my clients’ pain shifts instantly is so rewarding. Every time I listened to you, I felt like I was in the room with you. Many thanks for sharing your gifts of knowledge and skills with me. I will continue searching for knowledge to better understanding this system of acupuncture. – Terri A. L.Ac.


These courses were filled with valuable information which will contribute to the success of my acupuncture treatments. I feel more confident about applying these techniques into my practice than any other CEU course I’ve taken because the instructor explains concepts in-depth and makes them easy to understand. – Chereese M. L.Ac.


Since day one of finding my way to, you did not stop amazing me each day with your superior ethics, fine knowledge, and honest generosity, I can say with confidence: knowing you (even if not personally) was one of the few things which had a great impact on my heart and mind. – Fadi Assaad, MD


Dr. HB Kim’s classes have made me confident in what I do and how I treat. I am so extremely grateful for his wisdom, his thorough knowledge of both western and eastern medicine. He is truly a genius in every sense of the word, and the way he is able to break down information and teach it from the ground up is truly the biggest gift I have received in my career. Thank you, Dr. HB Kim, I can not express what a blessing you have been in my life and the life of others, I treat in the office. I owe you all the success my clients have experienced in my practice. – Jasmin H.


This course was incredible! For the first time in my practice, I feel like I have a deep understanding of Five Elements and Channel dynamics. This course was very comprehensive and had a much deeper understanding of channel dynamics, Five Element theory, and methodology. Dr. Kim used excellent examples and I found the material easy to follow. I have already used some of the techniques and treatment protocols and have found them to be effective. I plan on continuing to use his methods. This course may be the best one I’ve taken in the last 20 years. Very well done! – Aaron B. L.Ac.


Although I had gotten urinary tract infections before in my life I never know that a UTI could be so painful. I found myself two in the morning wanting to scream from pain considering whether I should call 911 or ask a friend to take me to the emergency room. I decided to ask Dr. HB Kim for a point prescription to treat a UTI before going to the ER. I am so happy that I did. I’m so happy that he was able to respond as soon as he responded, I use the point prescription on myself and experienced immediate pain relief to the point where not only did I not need to go to the ER I felt I may not need antibiotics anymore. Dr. Kim’s understanding of acupuncture is truly magnificent in every way I wish that all acupuncturist had this type of understanding of acupuncture and these types of results. Thank you Dr. Kim for saving me in my hour of need. – Dr. Jasmine H.


It is with much gratitude that I continue my studies in the Clinical Course of Korean Style Acupuncture. In these courses, I am gaining wisdom not taught typically and I feel the connection to that wellspring of knowledge. I am gaining flow and awareness of energetic therapeutics that open the channels and prepare the patients for future treatment with meridian flow and yin yang balancing techniques. I have been incorporating these Korean Style techniques into my practice with great results. We are so lucky to have a teacher with us who can teach with wisdom, practical knowledge, and humor. I truly enjoy learning from him. Thank you for these offerings. – Carrie H. LAc LMT Dipl Ac


HB Kim is an excellent teacher and the yin yang balancing course has made me feel so much more confident about treating pain in my office. It works really well and I’m grateful for the tool. – Suzanne S.


I have so much respect for how much you care about this medicine and want to help practioners be successful. I gave my client 2 acupuncture treatments for Bell’s Palsy. The first was more local points and within 2 days he was 50% better. He came in less than a week later and I did the treatment you prescribed and he was another 50% better in 24hrs. So remarkable! Thank you again! – Raquele S.


Dr. Kim has a gift for conveying information in a way that makes it very approachable and easy to understand. I hope he continues teaching for a long time to come. – Adam J.


I did Spleen tonification on a patient with multiple sclerosis (MS) and she said that she felt 50% more stable with walking after that treatment. She has had MS for 20 years. She didn’t use her walker today when she arrived for her treatment and has needed a walker every day for the last 6 years. First treatment was 4 gates and second treatment was Spleen tonification. Today was her third treatment. I still find it amazing when people have such dramatic results. – Brendan C.


I highly recommend this course to other acupuncturists whenever I am asked about the type of CEU/PDA’s I take. This course provided a great review and also offered additional herbal information that I didn’t have before. As always with HB Kim courses, point prescriptions were integrated, and the course was very thorough. – Daniela J.


I want to tell you that I enjoyed listening to your explanations and creative ideas for easier memorization of the data. Your work is a real jewel! Your education system has helped me a lot to understand parts that have been challenging for me for a long time. Sincerely, I wish you much success in life and work. – Peter B.


Well, Dr. Kim, I know you don’t seek praise, but I MUST say that I absolutely LOOOOOOOVE your work. I am learning so much from your videos that I didn’t know, and your delivery is so fun and engaging that it is difficult to forget! I think you are an amazing individual, and I am incredibly grateful that you have studied so hard and developed into your entrepreneurial self. Your textbooks are THE “go-to” emergency reference for just about every school! I’m proud to know you!!! Thank you, Kind Sir, for all that you do for the world. – Laura D.


WOW! Thank you, thank you so much!!! I absolutely love your courses. Blessings and much gratitude to you! – Erica B.


Dear Dr. Kim, I hope everything is going well. I want to express my gratitude to you for your generosity and for being my main mentor in the TCM field in all your practical courses. This experience is distinct from the medical acupuncture I pursued in my country. Please accept my heartfelt thanks for everything you’ve done for me. Best regards and sincere gratitude from the bottom of my heart. – John E.


Wonderful courses! The manner in which you cover material, stress important topics, and teach is absolutely wonderful. I appreciate all you do and many thanks! – Alexis S.


This course is really helpful in helping patients in using fewer needles yet effectively treat their problems. – Valerie C.


The course was excellent, and I had a particular fondness for Korean acupuncture. – Carlos E.


As I told you before YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!!! – Diana C.


Thank you so much, Dr. HB Kim. I am incredibly grateful for your continued support. I will always remember your excellent video teachings and the valuable knowledge you imparted, especially the motivation you provided for us to learn and improve ourselves! – Jie S.


Dr. Kim, I want to take a moment to personally thank you for putting this material together. I have had lifelong respiratory issues. Two years ago, asthma returned with a vengeance. I don’t know if it was tied to a COVID infection, but the timing was suspicious. I nearly died. I have been under the care of my acupuncture teacher, whom I’m sure you know. He started an acupuncture program and is still in charge today. He is an excellent professor and mentor, and I am beyond grateful for all he has done. I do know he saved my life at one point. That said, I still struggled with asthma until recently. After watching the meridian clearing videos, I began needling myself to clear the lung meridian. To my amazement, my lungs are healing, and the asthma symptoms are 80% reduced at this point. I am quite convinced I will recover completely by following your protocols. Additionally, my girlfriend has had a 40+ year history of migraines and neck/occipital issues. As a chiropractor and acupuncturist, I was gratified to resolve the migraines. However, the remaining occipital headaches and neck instability were a source of frustration for me as a practitioner (not to mention her own considerable discomfort). But by using the meridian clearing techniques, in just two treatments, this condition of 40+ years is nearly completely resolved. I cannot thank you enough for organizing this material and presenting it as you have. Thank you. – Kevin S.

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